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Web Cookie Policy

This website is cookie-free from normal visitors' perspective as no web cookies are used to track users' actions on this website at all.

If you are an editor of the website, one (technically two but one is about session management so not a real cookie) cookie will be set to allow automatic expiration of your login session. This is a security feature needed to protect your account and the website's content. The editor right is strictly controlled by the website's webmaster (currently Prof Shujun Li) and your consent will be sought before an account is created for you to get the edit right. If you don't agree with the use of the only one cookie to be stored on your web browser, you will not be allowed to be an editor since this cookie is a security feature.

This page is include as part of this website to comply with the current Cookie Law. Note that the security-related cookies can actually be exempted from gaining user consent as ICO guide says "you are unlikely to need consent for: ... session cookies providing security that is essential to comply with data protection security requirements for an online service the user has requested – eg online banking services".

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Page last modified on April 28, 2018, at 03:15 PM